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Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks, you want to! He’s a body coach who has transformed hundreds of thousands of bodies, and coached them on their way to wonderful through exercise and healthy recipes. His collection of recipes will help you achieve a fit and fabulous physique along with a healthy mind and a fabulous outlook on life.

The aim of his books and programs are to inspire you to cook quick, healthy meals that will make you feel great, in the fastest time possible! No mess, no fuss, just totally delicious and healthy meals that will keep you coming back for more.

Joe’s 30-Minute Meals covers all-day breakfasts, chicken, fish and seafood, pork, beef and lamb, and sweet treats. Any book with an entire chapter dedicated to pork catches my attention!

Joe’s recipes are colourful, interesting and far removed from our old thoughts of boring personal trainer recommended food.

We have three fast and fabulous recipes to share with you from Joe’s 30-Minute Meals and a clip with Brad Mills cooking Joe’s Steak with Kale, Tahini & Sesame.

Images and recipes from Joe Wicks 30-Minute Meals, Macmillan, RRP$44.95

Steak with Kale, Tahini and Sesame Greens – Joe Wicks
Mexican Tortilla with Chicken and Feta – Joe Wicks
Goats Cheese and Chorizo Morning Muffins – Joe Wicks
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