Sweet Street – Anna Polyviou

Anna Polyviou’s explosive first book is full of vibrancy, colour and taste sensations – the perfect reflection of her personality actually!

Don’t think this book is just all about 5-star Shangri-La Hotel desserts that will take an entire weekend to create and send your stress levels through the roof, they are in here, but there are also some very approachable sweet treats in this hot-pink handbook to dessert stardom!

Anna created the festival Sweet Street back in 2014 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney, transforming the hotel with her chef-friends from all over the country into a flurry of sweet-treats, enticing scents, and a vibrant atmosphere complete with a live DJ. This book is the result and after four years in the making, you can finally grab a copy for yourself!

Think Cheat’s Trifle, Salted Caramel Ice-Cream Tub, Choc-Dipped Strawberries, Basil Snow Cones, Deflated Lemonade Soufflés, and Espresso Tiramisu for fast and fanciful treats.

If your skill and ambition reaches further dessert fulfillment, then keep flipping through the pages for Anna’s Mess, (that legendary strawberry and white chocolate dome she shattered on Masterchef or Anna’s Tower of Terror– a three-page recipe for a giant three-tiered chocolate, caramel and buttercream monster creation!

Feeling child-like and ‘2 Cool 4 Old Skool’? Fairy Bread Cake and pink-iced Finger Buns will have you licking your lips!

Anna is the perfect person to prove that you don’t need to conform to what others believe you should be (or look like) to succeed, what you really need is determination, passion and a don’t-give-up attitude! (And perhaps a pink Mohawk?)

‘Show-Stopping Sweet Treats and Rockstar Desserts!’

 2016 Masterchef Finalist, Mimi Baines hit our kitchen to film Anna’s recipes for Loukou-My-Annas and Berry Choc Mousse. 

Fast 5 with Anna Polyviou!

 What can’t you live without in the kitchen?

My Kenwood machine for sure! It allows me to do so many different things from whipping up my eggs, beating a batter, to rolling out my pasta with the pasta attachment, and it can even juice my lemons.

It’s like having an assistant in the kitchen.

What is your most memorable meal and why?

Memorable is all the moments I’ve spent with my mum, and my grandad beating the huge octopus on the concrete in the backyard to make it tender, then cooking it on the BBQ with lemon juice.  Or the galatopouriko and the smells from my favourite dessert coming out of the oven and the sugar syrup poured over to sizzle.  Or, every Sunday there was the fresh bread coming out of the oven and the smell that travelled around the house.

What’s your worst disaster in the kitchen?

The worst disaster in the kitchen, forgetting my roast in the oven that burnt away and set off the fire alarms in the house! The neighbours were knocking on my door to make sure I was okay!

What would you eat for your last meal?

My last meal to eat would be in great company with my loved ones; I love Asian cuisine but then I can’t choose as I also love the souvla that my dad cooks, or mum’s pita bread, my godmother’s haloumi cheese (you can get these recipes from my cookbook) and let’s not forget spanakopita, my fave!

The great coriander debate – yes or no?

Coriander ALL THE WAY, it’s my fave fresh herb. Salads, garnishes, stir-fries, sandwiches – I’ll have it on the lot!

Images and recipes from Sweet Street by Anna Polyviou, Murdoch Books, RRP$39.99

We have a selection of fabulous recipes from Anna Polyviou’s Sweet Street to share with you!

Berry Choc Mousse – Anna Polyviou
Loukou-my-annas – Anna Polyviou
Yoyo’s (kok) by Anna Polyviou
Spanakopita – Anna Polyviou
Passion-ate About Casey – Anna Polyviou
Lemon Delicious – Anna Polyviou
Fairy Bread Cake – Anna Polyviou
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