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Fun, fast, and fabulous – these are just a few words that come to mind when we think of the white ninja, Tiffiny Hall.

Earlier last year she launched an online program called TIFFXO as a way to train the masses and share her expertise with everyone.

TIFFXO has all the fitness and healthy living inspo you need in one place, and the workout videos, recipes and real life tips and tricks are constantly updated and evolving. She covers everything from daily meals to the benefits of coconut oil pulling, drinking organic apple cider vinegar, how to relax your mind and reduce stress, to dealing with unhealthy relationships with food via a team of experts.

All of her recipes are fast, super-healthy and extremly delious. You’ll find daily and weekly planners for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all of your snacking desires in between. Nothing is left out! You can even choose between her classic meal and recipe plans or a budget meal planner for those trying to tighten the belt on their finances as well as their jeans!

 Fast 5 with Tiffiiny Hall

 What couldn’t you live without in the kitchen?

My TIFFXO menu plan! Between Ed (my hubby) and my crazy work schedules plus a hungry one year old, I can’t afford to waste time worrying about what to cook. I love that my whole week of meals is planned out, plus there’s a handy shopping list feature so I know what aisles I have to hit at the grocery store. Okay, I may be a little bit biased, but I seriously think there’s no better kitchen companion for someone who’s time poor but wants to eat clean, delish food!

What is your most memorable meal and why?

There’s a couple of pretty good contenders – lunch in Paris, or the dinner before Ed proposed. But I’d have to say number one was when my son Arnold ate his first solids. Seeing his face as he tried sweet potato for the first time was pretty spesh – I’ll remember that one forever.

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

Oh, there’s been a few! The first one that comes to mind was when I tried to convince Ed that my totally healthy Chocolate Avocado Moussewas actually rich chocolate ice cream. He took one mouthful only to spit it out. Turns out I’d added parsley instead of mint and some expired bitter chocolate… d’oh!

What would you want to eat for your last meal?

My TIFFXO Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb with Quinoa & Asparagus Tabbouleh– I’m super obsessed with it at the moment. Plus, since it is my last meal after all, a big serving of hot chips thrown in for good measure. Finish it all up with my TIFFXO Chunky Choc Bliss Balls and I’d be truly blissed out.

The great coriander debate  – yes or no?

I’m gonna say a big yes for this one! I love the fresh flavour it adds to dishes, especially if you add a squeeze of lime and some corn – yum. But I’ve read that whether you like it or not is genetic… how crazy’s that?!


Spiced Salmon Skewers with Grilled Vegetables – Tiffiny Hall
Sweet Potato & Tofu Skewers with Quick Salsa – Tiffiny Hall
Garlic BBQ Prawns with Salad – Tiffiny Hall
Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Salsa Verde – Tiffiny Hall
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Celeriac Puree by Tiffiny Hall
Vegetarian Dahl Soup
Roasted Carrot Salad with Chickpeas and Mint by Tiffiny Hall
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