Weber’s Greatest Hits – Jamie Purviance

Jamie Purviance is Weber’s grill God! He’s a chef and educator who has been guiding the masses in the art of grilling for years, and we feel there’s no better person to feature when it comes to learning the best barbeque tactics at home.

 Fast 5 with Jamie Purviance – Weber’s Greatest Hits

Quick 5 Q’s:

What couldn’t you live without in the kitchen?

Tongs! I have an entire kitchen drawer devoted to kitchen tongs of all sizes. When I’m cooking, they are extensions of my hands.

What is your most memorable meal and why?

I think the most memorable meals are not just about the food. They are also about the people around the table. When the great cookbook author Julia Child was alive, she and I grilled a dinner together for a dear, mutual friend. She brought bottles of fabulous wine to accompany a three-course meal that featured local abalone, asparagus, lamb chops, ratatouille, and an apple tart — all cooked on the grill.

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

When I was a young cook at a French bistro in San Francisco I was in charge of a wood-burning grill and rotisserie that was in the middle of the dining room. One night we were very busy and I had to leave my station to get more ingredients from the walk-in refrigerator. For some reason, it was locked. By the time I found the key and got back to my station, the fire had completely burnt ten whole chickens and four whole ducks.

What would you want to eat for your last meal?

My mother’s recipe for Shepherd’s Pie!

The great coriander debate  – yes or no?

For me, it’s a definite yes.

Recipes and images from Weber’s Greatest Hits by Jamie Purviance, published by Murdoch Books

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