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World on a Plate – Jack Stein

Combining his years of culinary globetrotting and passion for British produce, Jack Stein celebrates his favourite dishes from around the world.

Zaitoun – Yasmin Khan

Yasmin Khan’s newest book, Zaitoun – Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen, explores the cuisine and food culture of the Palestinian communities she visited traveling through Israel and the OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territories).

The Little Viet Kitchen – Thuy Diem Pham

Thuy takes us on a voyage back through her childhood living in Vietnam, moving to the UK, the love of her parents and grandparents and the influences they have had on her life, Vietnamese food culture, and her own pantry food philosophy.

Feast – Anissa Helou

Anissa’s book delves into the heart of the Islamic world and you can devour it like a novel. It’s filled with explanations on the origins of people and the recipes they’ve created, their histories, how they’ve evolved, and what cultures have influenced them over the years. Anissa walks us through the Islamic world as a whole, way back to the beginning of the seventh century when Islam was born. She explores the important occasions like Ramadan, and celebrations for the birth of a child to the death of a loved one and the traditional dishes they prepare for these occasions.

Lateral Cooking – Niki Segnit

This cookbook is not like any you have seen before, the recipes are more like guidelines as Niki encourages us to get creative in the kitchen.