Cauliflower is King – Leanne Kitchen

Why a book on cauliflower you ask? Because, as Leanne says, ‘It’s premium brain food and the lowest carbs in town!’

With recipes covering snacks and starters, soups and salads, mains and bakes, you’ll never consider cauliflower boring again.

‘Big and boofy, there’s nothing quite like a cauliflower,’ Leanne says. And I guess she’s right otherwise she wouldn’t have dedicated an entire book to it!

While I often (jokingly) sing the classic television tune, ‘you don’t make friends with salad,’ from The Simpsons, I think the salad section of this book might just be my favourite.

Leanne’s Cauliflower and Pomegranate Tabouli (Pg 38) has me dreaming of far-off exotic places. Shaved Cauliflower and Fennel Salad with Lemon, Almond and Burrata tells me my summer-body dreams might just be achievable, and her Thai Cauliflower and Egg Salad with a Coconut and Sweet Chilli Dressing makes me want to pack a swimsuit and head for Thailand.

And please tell me you’ve heard of a Maqulab? (If so, I’ll be over soon!) This Middle Eastern celebratory one-pan dish makes me wish my best friend was Palestinian!

Images and recipes from Cauliflower Is King by Leanne Kitchen, Murdoch Books, RRP $19.99 Photography by Leanne Kitchen, Illustrations by Alissa Dinallo and Kitty Clement.

Cauliflower and Pomegranate Tabouli – Leanne Kitchen
Cauli Tacos
Cauliflower Hummus
Thai Yellow Cauliflower, Snake Bean and Tofu Curry
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