Jamie Cooks Italy – Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is back again, this time with his mentor and best friend Gennaro Contaldo. This gorgeous Italian cookbook sees Jamie and Gennaro travel around Italy collecting and cooking the land’s traditional dishes and preserving these recipes for future generations – all ‘from the heart of the Italian kitchen’.

You’ll find gorgeous recipes and images for antipasti, salads, soups, pasta, rice and dumplings, meat, fish, sides, bread and pastry and desserts.

It’s no secret that Jamie loves Italy and Italian food; he’s filmed more than one series on his favourite European country.  “In Italy, one thing that remains wonderfully consistent is that everyone is incredibly passionate about food. It has always been openly celebrated as being for everyone, and put at the heart of all the Italians do,” Jamie says.

Throughout the pages of this book Jamie and Gennaro introduce us to the noona’s who have shared their trusted recipes; Nonna Rosina from Little Lucian Dolomites Basilicata, Nonna Elena from Pitigliano Tuscany, Noona Maria, from Procida Naples, and fiery Nonna Rosanna from Catania Sicily are just a few of Italian women you’ll meet through the chapters and regions of this journey.

Italian food is generous, seasonal, exciting, comforting, honest and flavourful, and every region has traditional dishes that will capture your imagination and warm your soul.

And Jamie and Gennaro’s excitement and cheekiness will certainly help you along the way to Italian Cucina greatness.

Jamie Cooks Italy by Jamie Oliver, published by Penguin | Michael Joseph RRP $49.99

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