Milkwood – Kirsten Bradley & Nick Ritar

Real Skills for Down-to-Earth Living.

Kirsten Bradly and Nick Ritar left the city to start a small permaculture farm called Milkwood ten years ago.  Their plan was to live simply and within their means, growing their own food and living off the land as much as they could.

Milkwood is the result of the last ten years and a collection of everything they’ve learned. They suggest we start small, maybe by growing some herbs or tomatoes on your windowsill.  The book contains five subjects to get you started, The Tomato, Mushroom Cultivation, Natural Beekeeping, Seaweed, and Wild Food.

We have 3 gorgeous recipes to share with you from Milkwood and their illustrations on making beeswax wraps.

‘Images and recipes from Milkwood by Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar, Murdoch Books, RRP $45.00 Photography by Kate Berry and Kirsten Bradley, Illustrations by Brenna Quinlan’.

Wild Fermented Elderflower Soda – Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar
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