The Art of Pasta – Lucio Galletto and David Dale

Lucio Galletto & David Dale

David and Lucio’s friendship came about by a love of great food. They met many years ago when Dale dined at Lucio’s iconic restaurant in Sydney and both of these men from different cultures found an instant connection. In fact, David still dines at Lucio’s to this day.

This latest release of The Art of Pasta is, in fact, a revised edition of the 2011 original. When Penguin asked them to update the recipes, they found they just couldn’t say no! ‘The chance to do that kind of eating and laughing again was a good enough reason for Lucio and me,’ David says.

The book looks back as far as 160BC where they explore a sweet lasagne known then as ‘placenta’. They discover the meaning of the different shapes of pasta and look at the playfulness of the names Italians have given their food.

Lucio says, ‘Back in Liguria, my family used to take great care to make the dishes look beautiful before they left the kitchen. They used to say, “L’occhio vuole la su a parte” (the eye needs its share) and The Art of Pasta is certainly gorgeous to look at.

It’s a cookbook, travel and history book, and an art book, all in one. The pages are cleverly decorated with inventive drawings from their friend and artist, Luke Sciberras, and inspiringly photographed by the sharp eye of Ansou Smart.

On David’s advice, be sure to turn to page 111 to see just how clever Luke’s work is. They’ve served an octopus spaghetti and Luke has incorporated his artwork onto the bowl – tentacles languish on the table and slowly one draws itself up over the rim. It’s gorgeous and the book is full of clever artwork like this, just be sure to look closely so you don’t miss any of it!

Fast 5 with Lucio Galletto

What couldn’t you live without in the kitchen?

Coming from Liguria, there are two items which are essential; the mezzaluna, for chopping parsley and garlic to make the soffritto, and my beloved mortar and pestle made from white Carrara marble and olive wood.

What is your most memorable meal?

Many years ago, we stayed at Le Tre Vaselle in Torgiano in the province of Perugia, a boutique hotel with a stunning vegetable garden for the restaurant. The dish was a simple salad of tiny celery hearts dressed with extra virgin olive oil. It was outstanding.

What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

My wife says whenever I cook!

What would you want to eat for your last meal?

A nice plate of Culatello di Zibello and my favourite pasta – Trennette al pesto.

The great coriander debate  – yes or no?

I am not and never will be a fan of coriander.

We have three recipes to share with you from The Art of Pasta.

Extract from The Art of Pasta by Lucio Galletto and David Dale, published by Lantern Australia on 30 July 2018, RRP $39.99.

Photography by Anson Smart and illustrations by Luke Sci

Basic Pasta Dough – Lucio Galletto and David Dale
Linguine Al Pesto D’arancia Con – Lucio Galletto and David Dale
Malfatti Di Bietti E – Lucio Galletto and David Dale
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