Yummy Easy Quick Around The World – Matt Preston

This is Matt Preston’s second foray into the world of Yummy, Easy, Quick, but this time he’s taking us Around the World, and as Matt explains in the book, for him, a lot of it comes back to ‘faking it’.  These recipes may not be authentic but they are flavour driven, totally delicious and boast some of the best cheats in town!

“The first installment was all about super-tasty and super-simple recipes for dinner that minimised the amount of time you spent in the kitchen, because there might be something more fun or more pressing you could be doing,” Matt says.

“This book takes the same approach but whisks you around the world to find yummy, easy and quick ways to cook favourite dishes from 11 of the world’s great cuisines: China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and North Africa, India and Mexico.”

Full of shopping lists to make life easier and tips on ‘faking it’ to make cooking and prepping quicker, this book will have you ‘looking’ like a pro in no time! It’s entirely up to you if you share your faking it secrets!

We have three recipes to share with you from Matt’s book…

  • Quick Pork Ramen
  • Seared Beef with Thai Fish Caramel & Quick Sticks Slaw
  • Matriciana

Yummy Easy Quick Around the World by Matt Preston, published by Plum.

Matriciana – Matt Preston
Seared Beef with Thai Fish Caramel & Quick Sticks Slaw – Matt Preston
Quick Pork Ramen – Matt Preston
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