Cellar Bar – Guy Grossi

The Cellar Bar, a Melbourne institution since the 1950s, has always been synonymous with Italian dining. The place where many had their first mouthful of spaghetti bolognese, it’s long been the meeting point for Melbourne society and one of the reasons dining out has woven itself into the fabric of this wonderful city.
As Guy says, ‘The aim of the food is not to just have you leave feeling full, but it’s also to have you feel fulfilled.’

In Guy’s newest book he takes us on an Italian journey into the heart of the food he still loves to cook and share with his family, friends and patrons in Melbourne’s CBD. Guy shares his philosophies, his passion, the atmosphere inside his restaurant and out on the street. ‘We are proud of Cellar Bar’s contribution to dining in our fair city and being part of the everyday life of our neighbourhood,” Guys says. “As I sit here writing this you can hear the sounds of the restaurant starting to fill, the chatter, the clanking of cutlery and glass. It’s truly and awe-inspiring feeling and one our family never takes for granted.’

Now you can take this feeling home and nourish your friends and family with 80 simple, delicious, authentic Italian recipes including bread, breakfast, pastries biscuits and torte, antipasto, pasta, piatti, and the bar.

In the words of the great Guy Grossi himself, buon appetito!

We have two recipes to share with you from Cellar Bar…

  • Baci di Dama – Lady Kisses
  • Tiramisu

Images and recipes from Cellar Bar by Guy Grossi, published by Penguin Books, RRP $49.99

Tiramisu – Guy Grossi
Baci Di Dama – Guy Grossi
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