Slow Down and Grow Something – Byron Smith and Tess Robinson

Slow Down and Grow Something

Tess Robinson & Byron Smith

‘The Urban Grower’s Recipe for the Good Life’

Cultivate. Cook. Share.

Urban city dwellers, if you’ve always wanted to grow your own herbs and small produce but weren’t sure where to start, then this is the book for you!

Part one of this book introduces us to the benefits of getting into the garden and takes you through the basics of gardening in an urban environment, climates, layouts for small spaces, and the art of watering. Expert horticulturalist, Byron Smith, then goes on to talk about the importance and life of honeybees, worms and compost, and biodiversity.

Part two talks seasonal plants and recipes, which are broken down into the seasons. It’s full of fabulous tips and advice on growing, cooking and reconnecting with nature!

You’ll be harvesting herbs from your balcony in no time.

Images and recipes from Slow Down and Grow Something by Byron Smith and Tess Robinson, Murdoch Books, RRP$39.99

Upside-down Blood Orange and Turmeric Cake – Tess Robinson and Byron Smith
Japanese-style bok choy salad – Byron Smith and Tess Robinson
Rosemary and Sea Salt Flatbreads – Byron Smith and Tess Robinson

Tess Robinson & Byron Smith

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