Beautiful You by Nat Kringoudis

This book contains ‘everything they forgot to tell you about health, hormones, sexuality, and a happier self – A smart gal’s guide.’

‘Your Body Is Talking,  It’s Time To Listen!


Dr Nat Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, knows how a woman’s body works, and she wants you to know too.

Nat’s latest book, Beautiful You, delves into how the female body works and the effects our choices have on them – including the food we eat!

She’s written a bunch of new recipes than even our kids can make from scratch that are quick and healthy.

Chapters cover topics including your hormones and how they can become unbalanced, your mindset, your wellbeing, you are what you eat, and even has a chapter dedicated to using your symptoms to empower you and challenge your body.


Nat Kringoudis is a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. She is also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic The Pagoda Tree, producer of HealthTalks TV and a podcaster with PodcastOne. Nat helps women come out of hormone hell and embrace their sexual health. Nat also aims to help those women who want to have children become as fertile as possible, naturally.

Beautiful You by Nat Kringoudis, published by Haper Collins RRP $35

Shiitake Mushroom Soup – Nat Kringoudis
Sweet Strawberry Parfiat – Nat Kringoudis
Banana Fritter Cakes – Nat Kringoudis
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