Lands of the Curry Leaf – Peter Kuruvita

A vegetarian journey from Sri Lanka to Nepal…

Some of the best cookbooks are a cultural emersion – part autobiography, part travel guide – and share an insight into local ingredients and customs. We learn to love not only the author but also the people and places they introduce us to throughout their journey.

And Peter Kuruvita has written just that!

We travel in the footsteps of his father, his family’s life of adventure, and take a close up look at his childhood, (and the events and ideals along the way) on this crazy journey we call life that made Peter the man he is today.

Peter Kuruvita is not just an intuitive chef, he’s a master story-teller, educator, and inspiring force in both food and life.

His journey through the sub-continental pantry and the lands of the curry leaf is a journey I hope you all take, treasure, and savour… Every flavour, scent, and texture…

We have 4 recipes to share from Lands of the Curry Leaf:

Pipinna Vyanjana – Cucumber Curry – Peter Kuruvita
Masaura and Potato Tarkari – Peter Kuruvita
Chatni Sauce – Hot Green Sauce – Peter Kuruvita
Lavash – Peter Kuruvita
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