Welcome To My Table – Siba Mtongana


Yes, that is a hashtag and that hashtag sums this woman up perfectly!

Welcome to My Table is vibrant, flavoursome and full of bold, brilliant colours, and new ingredients to explore!

When Siba Mtongana visited Australia in November 2018 for the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show, she dropped into our kitchen HQ just before heading back to Cape Town in South Africa to cook up a storm, and can we just say, cook up a storm she did!

This woman is captivating, mesmerising, and full of life and love – she is, well, sibalicious!

Many years and countless hours went into the making of this book and it was a true family affair. With four children under 8 (her youngest only 4 months old when she was here), her life dream of a sibalicious cookbook wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her husband and the involvement of her children. The family photos of her kids and husband in the kitchen within the pages of Welcome to my Table are a beautiful insight into her family life and the people and things that she holds dear.

The demand for her recipes from her many followers also helped bring this book to life, and she happily says this support is what drives her on, along with her love of good food of course.

‘Food should be beautiful and tasty but easy to make,’ Siba says. She delights in creating recipes that will please everyone, but as a wife and a mother, nutrition is also of great importance to her.

Recipes from Siba Mtongana’s Welcome To My Table.

Milk Tart by Siba Mtongana
Stuffed + Baked Salmon by Siba Mtongana
Herby Couscous, Butternut and Feta Salad by Siba Mtongana
Sticky Chicken Wings – Siba Mtongana
Fruity Rooibos Summer Blush – Siba Mtongana
Asian Ribbon Salad – Siba Mtongana
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