Food of Naples – Johnny Di Francesco

Food of Naples

Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine

Italian chef Johnny Di Francesco is not only all about pizza! Even if that’s what so many people around the world know him for best. And his newest book is proof he is a chef with a keen eye and an exquisite palate. (Although his many awards over the years also prove this too!)

Johnny lives in Melbourne and has a network of restaurants around the world now, but ask if he considers anywhere in the world a second home and the word Naples will lovingly slide off his tongue.

While traditional Neapolitan pizza is front and centre in all 400 Gradi restaurants, his menu is about more than just pizza.

‘Each time I have opened a new restaurant, I have brought with it a new take on Neapolitan cuisine,’ Johnny says. ‘I have always wanted to bring a real taste of Naples to Australia, so I hope that people who eat my food perceive it for what it is—traditional Neapolitan cuisine.’

Keep a close eye on Let’s Cook That Book, Johnny will be back, again and again, with videos that will immerse you in the wonderful world that is Neapolitan Cuisine.

And make sure you check out Johnny’s pizza masterclass at 400 Gradi Lygon Street, it’s a brilliant day out and you’ll be a master pizza-maker in no time! Plus, you actually get to cook your pizza in his very own wood fire pizza oven!

Food of Naples by Johnny Di Francesco, available in all 400 Gradi restaurants and on his website now!

Salsa Alla Napoletana (Napoli Sauce) Johnny Di Francesco
Pannacotta Al Miele – Johnny Di Francesco
Drowned Baby Octopus – Johnny Di Francesco
Calzone Alla Nutella – Johnny Di Francesco
Stuffed Mushrooms – Johnny Di Francesco
Eggplant Parmigiana – Johnny Di Francesco
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